Infinity Training Solutions Now Partnered with NACJ!

The National Academy of Criminal Justice is pleased to announce our partnership with Infinity Training Solutions. Nothing will be changing for the National Academy of Criminal Justice except gaining the resources of Infinity Training Solutions. We will be consolidating our call center and integrating the staff of the two companies. As the Director of the National Academy of Criminal Justice, I will be taking over as the Chief Learning Officer (CLO/CEO) for the two companies. So as a 28 year law enforcement professional, I am committed to bring our students and law enforcement agencies the best training possible. Our staff of subject matter experts will have constant access to our new instructional design staff with Infinity Training Solutions who will design our online content following specific industry instructional design strategies. We look forward to our continuous service to the criminal Justice community.

If you encounter any problems during our transition, please let us know by visiting our support page and submit your problems or questions. Thanks and stay safe!

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