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The National Academy of Criminal Justice is pleased to announce the implementation of a completely new Learning Management System (LMS) by our friends and eLearning Industry Professionals at LearnDash  ( who are committed to making learning easy and using the latest technology of Experience API. With the implementation of the LearnDash LMS, we will be able to provide our students and clients with easy access to courses and the ability for agencies to upload their own agency specific content or let us do it for you. In addition, users will enjoy these other features:

  • Provide feedback on your courses so we can better serve your needs
  • Increased report options for students and agencies
  • Instantly receive a certificate when you complete a course or series of courses
  • More video and media material to supplement courses

What does this mean for our existing students and clients? As stated earlier, it will give you a better learning experience. But don’t worry, we will transition your courses over to the new system with complete instructions and additional support to make sure things run smoothly during our transition to one of the newest Learning Management Systems embracing the latest technology for your eLearning 2.0 experience!

Stay tuned for additional details and remember, Train hard, Train safe but always train the correct technique!!

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