Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement

Photo Credit: The White House

“Supporting law enforcement means supporting our citizens’ ability to protect themselves. We will uphold Americans’ Second Amendment rights at every level of our judicial system.” Within moments of President Trump being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, the White House web site was updated and included a page “Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community“. We have entered a new era where the President clearly appreciates the sacrifices of law enforcement. Throughout the campaign, you can ask any law enforcement officer that was involved in providing security, that President Trump went out of his way to thank the officers in person and through his speeches.

The official White House statement reads in part, “A Trump Administration will empower our law enforcement officers to do their jobs and keep our streets free of crime and violence. The Trump Administration will be a law and order administration. President Trump will honor our men and women in uniform and will support their mission of protecting the public.” Law Enforcement must remain accountable to their citizens, but it is unlikely we will see the White House interject themselves into police shootings before the local authorities have the opportunity to conduct a thorough investigation. One thing many law enforcement officers will tell you is that throughout the campaign, a countless number of citizens came up to officers and thanked them for their service. Many more, anonymously picked up the bill for an officer or officers taking a moment out of their shift to grab something to eat at a restaurant in their community.

Thank you Mr. President for putting law enforcement in a “positive” spotlight!


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